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Keep Your Documents
Secure & Safe
yet Accessible
Securely Fastened
Our custom-engineered tornado boxes are bolted directly into slab concreate to resist tornados, high winds, and theft. The entire facility is above ground to minimize the risk of mold or water damage.
The Legal Documents
Storage Specialist

Legal documents are unique. They create companies, set out ownership of real estate, handle the distribution of assets when someone becomes disabled or deceased, designate guardians of people’s children, establish the terms of all types of legal agreements and cover a multitude of other important matters of people and businesses.

Our Security
Why So Much Security
Document Viewing

Keeping a person's living will and medical power of attorney safe and accessible is important.

The Document Viewing Service makes it easy for them to print these documents as needed.
This is a very valuable service when the need arises.


Dr. William Sutterfield, Tulsa OK

Don’t Forget Your Home Inventory

Some of the most important documents are not legal documents at all. Fires and other natural disasters destroy houses and their contents every year. Most people have not inventoried and assembled pictures and receipts of the contents of their home. As a result, many people are not properly compensated when there is a theft or destruction to their house or contents.

We recommend each of our customers create a home inventory list with photos and receipts to help them document any claim they may need to make due to theft or destruction of their home and contents. If we are already storing documents for you or you have documents you are planning to place with us soon, you can always create your inventory packet and send it to us and we will store it with your other documents.

(Or download the individual files: DOC | PDF)

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