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Our Security

Our limited-access brick-and-mortar facility is thoroughly monitored by electronic
surveillance cameras.

Video Surveillance​

Custom-Made Fire Sleeve

Each tornado box is securely wrapped in a layer of HotStop'L® proprietary material designed to reflect radiant heat and resist direct fire of up to 1200° Fahrenheit.

GPS Equipment

Each security box contains a GPS unit to help ensure that we can locate your documents after a natural disaster.

Steel Tornado Box

Our most secure documents are stored in custom-engineered 1/4” high grade American steel boxes for structural support and security.

Securely Fastened

Our custom-engineered tornado boxes are bolted directly into slab concrete to resist tornadoes, high winds, and theft. The entire facility is above ground to minimize the risk of mold or water damage.

  • Most secure documents stored in custom-engineered 1/4” high grade American steel boxes weighing approximately 600 lbs. designed to withstand tornadoes and theft

  • Each box is covered with a fire sleeve from Securus Firebags to further protect against fire

  • Brick and mortar facility with concrete slab

  • Non-published limited access

  • Surveillance cameras at facility

  • Personnel with access to your documents have been thoroughly screened and undergone an FBI background check.

  • Stored above ground (below ground storage has common problems of water damage and mold)

  • We store our OWN documents in the same location as our customer’s documents

We store our trust, wills, powers of attorney, home inventory list, insurance policies, birth certificates, documents identifying the location of bank accounts and financial accounts, our real estate paperwork and other important documents with Legal Docs Depository. We felt the price was low for the protection it offered.

— T.H., Wichita KS

Our Guarantee

We store our OWN documents in the same location as our customers' documents.

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