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Items Viewable on Document Viewing Service

Our Document Viewing Service lets you see everything we are holding for you and share it with your attorney, CPA, family or anyone else you choose without risking the loss or destruction of your originals.

However, not everything we are storing can be viewed on our Document Viewing Service. We will not upload any hard drives, flash drives, DVDs or other digital documents, images, or videos contained on any such devices. The document viewer service will reflect that we are holding a hard drive, flash drive, DVD or digital documents, photos or video, but will not make the content viewable.

In addition, we may not make every page of a document viewable. For example, a passport may be only a photograph of the outside of the passport and possibly the page reflecting the photo. It may simply indicate, however, that we are holding a certain person’s passport. If other documents are too voluminous or bound in such a way that it is difficult to scan and upload, or if the client has not chosen to pay the expense associated with scanning and uploading these documents, then we may refer to such documents by their title and the number of pages of the documents, but each page may not be viewable.

You can choose to have all, some, or none of your documents viewable.


You can choose to have all, some, or none of your documents viewable.

How to Share Your Documents With Your Attorneys or Other Professionals

You can print directly from our Document Viewing Service, then mail or deliver the paper copies to anyone you wish. You can also download a specific document to your computer and email it. If you would like to allow someone to view all of your documents on our server, you can share a link. It's easy! When signed into the Document Viewing Service, just click the button "Copy URL". Then, open up whatever mail client you use (Gmail, SBCGlobal, Cox, Hotmail, etc.) and start a new message. Then click "Edit" in the toolbar (near the top of your screen) and select "Paste." The link to your documents should now be in your email message, ready to send to your attorney or other business professional!

Please note, that this link will share all of your documents with whomever you send it to.

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