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The Legal Docs Depository LLC Guarantee

We want to be the best legal documents storage solution for people. Our company was created by attorneys who worked with other professionals to create what we believe to be the most secure legal documents storage company in existence. We continually make adjustments to our steel boxes used for our “most secure” storage. There are also updates made to our online viewing service to make it more secure and user friendly. We would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give or ideas you may have to make us better.

Legal Docs Depository LLC Guarantee

  1. We guarantee that we will always store our own documents in the same location as our customers. 

  2. If you are not satisfied with our security of your original documents, please tell us why and if we are able to meet your security need, we will do so. If we are unable, we will, without hesitation, return your original documents to you and return the prorated unused amount of your storage fee beginning on the first day of the following month. 

  3. If you are not satisfied with the online security of your documents, we would appreciate any feedback as to why. At your request, we will remove your documents from our document viewing service so they will not be able to be accessed with your username and password. 

  4. We strive to make the hard storage of your documents and our Document Viewing Service as secure as possible. Even with the thought and consultation with other professionals that is taking place, we know that it is not possible to guarantee total security for your originals or total security that our online database cannot be compromised. If we believe that your documents, either the originals or the copies, have been compromised in any way, we will notify you and advise you of this breach of our security so that you can take whatever actions necessary to protect yourself.

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