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As a practicing surgeon, I understand the necessity of keeping a person’s living will, medical power of attorney, and other important documents safe. Unfortunately, many families are unable to locate these documents for their loved ones when the need arises, which causes them additional stress at a difficult time. Keeping these documents safe and accessible is important. The Document Viewing Service makes it easy for them to print these documents as needed. This is a very valuable service when the need arises.

~ Dr. William Sutterfield, Tulsa OK

We store our trust, wills, powers of attorney, home inventory list, insurance policies, birth certificates, documents identifying the location of bank accounts and financial accounts, our real estate paperwork and other important documents with Legal Docs Depository. We felt the price was low for the protection it offered. We love the Document Viewing Service which allowed us to share our documents with our attorney without us having to take any documents to our attorney. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that everything is protected in the event that something happens to my home, me, or my husband.

~ T.H., Wichita KS

By placing your important documents (such as life insurance policies) in a secure location, there will be no question that your family and loved ones will be taken care of. Legal Docs Depository keeps these valuable policies in a secure location outside of your home, and gives the convenience of accessing these online. Perfect idea, great company.

~ Jessica Dixon Neal

I’m 96 years old, and I occasionally forget things, as you can imagine. With my approval, my family placed my documents with Legal Docs Depository. I gives me comfort knowing the documents are there and that my family knows exactly where they are and that they can print the documents any time they need. When I die, the wishes that I expressed in my will will be met.

~ G.F., Tulsa OK

As an attorney, I understand the importance of keeping certain original documents safe. That’s why I not only recommend my clients store their documents at Legal Docs Depository, but I store my own important documents at Legal Docs Depository.

~ R.T., Tulsa OK

Not all people realize the problems that arise by failing to keep tax returns and their accompanying documents, such as receipts. As a CPA I recommend that they keep those documents safe for a period of years depending on the situation. Not everyone does. Sometimes, there are negative consequences. Using Legal Docs Depository could save people and their businesses a lot of money.

~ Mark Springer, CPA, Tulsa OK

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