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Storing Your Documents with Us

Thank you for letting us protect your documents for you.

To store documents with us, you may bring the documents to our office, mail them to us or we can pick them up if your location allows. However you wish to get your documents to us, there will be three sheets that need to be filled out and signed. If you wish to mail the documents or drop off your documents at our office without an appointment, you should print the three sheets, fill them out, and sign them. If you are mailing the documents, put the three sheets with your documents and mail them to us. If 

you are dropping the documents off at our office, include the three sheets with your documents as well. 

Please note that one of the sheets is our Security Questions Sheet. We strongly recommend that you do not keep a copy of this sheet. If the document was found by someone, they could use this sheet to try to obtain your documents from us. Although this is very unlikely, we recommend that you do not keep a copy of the Security Questions 

Sheet; however, you should keep a copy of the other two sheets for your records.

If you wish for us to assist you in filling out the sheets, you may call us at 405.905.8081 and we are glad to assist. You may also email us questions you may have. You may also schedule an appointment where we can go over your documents with you and assist you in filling out the sheets.

As a CPA I recommend people keep their tax documents safe for a period of years depending on the situation. Not everyone does. Sometimes, there are negative consequences. Using Legal Docs Depository could save people and their businesses a lot of money.

— Mark Springer, Tulsa, OK


Storage Agreement Documents

  • Storage Agreement
    Word PDF

  • My Security Questions
    Word | PDF

  • Document Inventory Sheet 
    Word | PDF

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