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I Need to Retrieve My Original Documents

Okay, you want to retrieve some or all of your original documents. There are many valid reasons to obtain certain original documents. But as a reminder, sometimes people use original documents when copies are sufficient. Our Document Viewing Service allows you to look at each page of the documents we are holding for you. You can also print these documents or download 

them and email them to another person or share the link to the documents.

If you do need some or all of your original documents, the quickest way is to contact us by email from your email address that is on file with us. Simply tell us which documents you need, when you need them, and whether 

you will be picking them up at our office or if you would like them delivered or mailed to a certain location. We will then respond to you by email, phone or both. If you do not have access to your email or are unable to email us at the time, please contact us by phone at 405.905.8081.

By placing your important documents (such as life insurance policies) in a secure location, there will be no question that your family and loved ones will be taken care of. Legal Docs Depository keeps these valuable policies in a secure location outside of your home, and gives the convenience of accessing these online. Perfect idea, great company.

— Jessica Dixon Neal

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