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About Legal Docs Depository

We store people’s original legal documents, like Last Wills and Testaments, Family Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Business Incorporation papers, and any other documents that are vital to be kept safe and secure.

Most states’ laws require that an original Will be used. If only a copy can be located the law presumes that the creator of the Will wished for the Will to not be used and therefore destroyed it or threw it away. The fact that someone presents a copy means nothing to the court.

Wills are used in conjunction with all types of trusts. If an asset has not been placed in a trust, the original Will would be needed to move that forgotten asset into the trust. If the Will cannot be located, then the asset will go in an unintended direction. This asset could 

be a home, car, business, or anything else that people own.

Even if an original is not technically needed under a particular state law, a copy requires authentication. Authentication may be impossible under a state’s laws or may cause disputes among people as to whether it is a copy of the final executed document. This is why document examiners are used in all types of proceedings. It adds expense, delay, and frustration and many times the outcome is not as it would have been if the original could have been located. Failing to protect 

originals adds a level of uncertainty to the use of those documents.

People accidentally delete all types of documents from their computers. Servers crash. Backup systems don’t work. Trusting that a copy will work is assuming that even a copy can be located in the future.

Keeping original documents secure is the surest way of guaranteeing that the documents accomplish their intended purpose.

I’m 96 years old, and I occasionally forget things, as you can imagine. With my approval, my family placed my documents with Legal Docs Depository. It gives me comfort knowing the documents are there and that my family knows exactly where they are and that they can print the documents any time they need.

— G.F., Tulsa OK

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