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Storing Documents

Most Secure Storage

Initial Setup Fee Only $50

$100/year per vertical inch.
Roughly 250 pages or 108 cubic inches.


Typical customer storage is $100 per year (documents including trust, will, financial powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, living will, real estate deeds, and home inventory).





per year



cubic inches

Secure Storage

$100/year per 3 vertical inches of documents.
Roughly 750 pages or 324 cubic inches.


Same location but not contained in a tornado box with fire sleeves.

Our storage is based on thickness, so if your documents are on 8 ½ x 14 or even 11 x 17, this will not affect the storage cost; however if they are of unusual size or shape such as blue prints or stored in a brief case, bag or tube, please contact us for pricing.



per year





cubic inches

Scanning and Uploading

One time fee of $25 minimum, $0.25 per page.

Current customers adding additional documents later, only $8 minimum charge; $0.25 per page
Typical client scan and uploading fee is $25.00

Document Viewing Service


There is no charge to view your documents on our Document Viewing Service; however, the only documents viewable on the Document Viewing Service are documents we are actually storing for you. Also, we have to perform the scan and upload of the documents ourselves to ensure that the documents you are viewing are actually the documents we are storing. Prices may vary depending upon the size of documents and how the documents are bound. Costs will be disclosed prior to scanning and uploading.

Mailing and Delivery Service

Retrieving your documents next business day at our office


Mailing your documents

$15.50 plus postage

Couriering original documents to your home, hospital or other location



Holidays (any time)

Normal Business Hours
(8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

$50 plus $2 per mile

$100 plus $2 per mile

5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

8 p.m.-midnight

$100 plus $2 per mile

$250 plus $2 per mile

$150 plus $2 per mile

$400 plus $2 per mile

$500 plus $2 per mile

We cannot guarantee that delivery will always be available as it depends on the location, day, time of day, courier’s other deliveries and weather conditions.

Email your documents to you or someone on your behalf

$10. (Note: you can download or print your documents for free from our document view service.)

Downloading your documents to a DVD for you or someone on your behalf

$25 plus actual postage if you would like it mailed. (Note: you can download or print your documents for free from out document view service.)

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