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Privacy Policy

When some companies talk about a privacy policy, it is a play on words. To use their services, you have to agree to their privacy policy. What this usually means is that you are giving them the right to share at least some of the information they have about you with third parties. Their privacy policy is usually long and complex and may require you to refer to different documents to fully understand what their privacy policy is.

Ours is simple. We do not share your name or any information about you with anyone else. We do not tell our customers or third parties what we are storing for any particular person or business.

We only share your documents with others if you request in writing that we do so. We only provide your documents to you and to the individuals that you have listed who can receive your documents. We are in the business of protecting you, your family, and your business. Disseminating information about our customers is not in your best interest. Therefore, we do not share information about our clients with anyone.

Privacy Agreement Additional Information

If there are certain documents that you do not with for anyone at Legal Docs Depository, LLC to view, they should be placed in a sealable portfolio folder, bag, or box. We will place an identifying sticker on it indicating it is not to be opened. 

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