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Why So Much Security?

What is a Will worth? It may cost only a few hundred dollars to prepare, but if your original is lost, the court may not allow a copy to be used. Your money could be given to people you didn't want to have it. Even though you only spend a few hundred dollars to get it drafted, your will is really worth the amount of whatever money you wish to give to your loved ones.

Legal disputes arise among people and businesses every day. The backbone of the evidence presented is documents: legal 

documents, contracts, deeds, and all kinds of other documents. The inability to authenticate these documents means that some of these documents cannot be used. People and businesses have paid money — sometimes a lot of money — to have these documents created. One of the main things attorneys and other professionals emphasize is that these documents be kept safe.

Untold numbers of life insurance policies go unclaimed very year. Many family members don’t even know whether they should check 

for life insurance policies or where to check. There is no central life insurance database.

Home Inventory may be all someone has to prove what they owned to their insurance company.

That is why we have so much security.

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